Apply Method
    • How can I apply for a loan?

    You may submit your loan application either via online application, phone application or visiting our branch.

    • Is there any charges applying the personal loan?

    There has no charge in personal application.

    • When applying for the mortgage facilities, is it need to pay the handling charges, solicitor fee and valuation charges?

    The mortgage facilities offered by us will not impose any handling charge or solicitor fee and property valuation service charges.

    • When I apply for the House Owner Loan, is it needed to use the Deed of my property as collateral?

    The House Ownership Loan offered by Ego Finance Ltd is on free collateral basis, we accepted the flat owner under House Ownership Scheme (HOS), Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) and the Village Type House (VTH). Those having not been paid the land premium are also welcome.

    • How long does it need to finish the process?

    Normally, with all necessary documents being submitted, it needs 30 minutes to complete.

    • My salary is on cash and has no solid income proof; can I apply for a loan?

    It depends on a case by case basis to waive the income proof requirement.

    • What is the basic requirement and documents needed when applying for the personal loan?

    The applicant should be aged over 18 and resident of Hong Kong。The documents listed below are normally required :

    * Hong Kong Identity Card

    * Bank Book or Bank Statement

    * Address Proof (either Water, electricity or Gas Bill )

    * Income Proof ( either Pay Roll Advise, Employer’s reference Letter or MPF Statement)

    • Is it needed to provide collateral or guarantor in applying personal loan?

    Basically, the personal loan is non-collateral personal loan.

    • The above questions and answers should be treated as an informative purpose only, should there be further inquiries, please contact our Customer Hotline line at 2388 2388 during normal office hours.
    Return Method
    • May I make advance payment within the tenor?

    We provide flexibility and accept partial advance payment

    • Early settlement allowed?

    Yes. The loan interest charged by Ego Finance is on daily basis. If and when an early settlement is paid, the interest would only be charged up to the day of the settlement. There is no additional charge upon early settlement.

    • If and when default, how would interest be calculated?

    For any default payment, the overdue interest would be charged by the preset interest rate and calculated on the actual overdue amount and the days of overdue. The chargeable interest rate would not change because of overdue.

    • What is the definition of Bank Clearing day?

    Normally, it means Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)

    • How to set the monthly repayment day and what if the day falls on Public Holidays?

    When signing the loan agreement, Staff of Ego Finance would enter a due day that is convenient to the customer. If and when the preset due day falls on a non Bank clearing day, one bank clearing day before the due day will be automatically became the due day of that month.

    • If we choose the Direct Debit payment methods (Auto Pay), when will the bank process the Direct Debit?

    The Bank will process the payment within 24 hours on the transaction day. To safeguard the customers’ benefit, it is advised the customer should make ready sufficient fund in the designated account one day in advance for the auto pay of repayment.

    • If repayment is being made via PPS,how many days are there needed to stop the auto pay instruction?

    If repayment is being made via PPS, it needs 6 working days in advance to stop the auto pay instruction.

    To protect the customers benefit, the Company advise our customer to phone in to confirm the validity days to stop that auto pay arrangement.

    • If I choose to make repayment by cheque at branch, what should I need to be attentive to?

    If customer chooses to pay by cheque at branch, he/she should be aware that the cut off time is 15:00 daily. Cheque being collected after the cut off time will only be deposited to bank the day after.

    All cheques should be crossed and made  payable to Ego Finance Ltd whereas post-dated cheque will not be accepted

    • The above questions and answers should be treated as informative purpose only, should there be further inquiries, please contact our Customer Hotline line at 2388 2388 during normal office hours.