Chief Executive Officer

In the past few decades, Hong Kong outpaced the other countries in the Asia Pacific region in economic growth not only thanks to the hardworking, earnest and tenacious Hong Kong people but also to our independent legal system, law-abiding spirit and the culture as a whole. These distinct advantages fuel the development of the lending industry.
The management team of Ego Finance Limited witnessed how the industry survived during economic turmoils and how it rapidly rebounded due to Hong Kong’s comprehensively favorable environment.
Today, all economic growth was  more customer driven than others. We emphasize the variety of products and the quality of service offered to customers. Due to the norms and specialties of the lending industry, it is crucial to serve the customer’s needs and expectations.From the perspective of the public, Ego Finance Ltd. is currently offering generic personal loan to help those income class(s) in solving short term financial needs; loan consolidation service is designed to assist those indebtedness class to work out a restructure solution to ease financial burden; mortgage facilities was put on shelves to accommodate the financial needs in property market; and the house ownership loans help the property owners with short term facilities. We believe, we should always be responsive to the needs of the customers and ready to react in a useful and helpful way.
 As a Hong Kong based enterprise- besides an active role of service provider in the lending industry, we always strive for excellence on all fronts to achieve public recognition. We never forget the social responsibilities by participating in  charitable contribution and voluntary works. The management emphasizes that “If we can help, we ready to help” as our commitment to reward the community.

We promise, “Ego Finance will always be with you!”