Loan Consolidation

Product  ︳Loan Balance Transfer
Consolidate the Credit Card Balance; Loan(s), and Revolving Credit Balance; Tailor made your repayment tenor to lower the monthly repayment spending; free to facilitate the loan balance

Submit simple application form; HKID; Income and residential proof; declaration of indebtedness details

Income proof
Any tax return; salary auto-pay statement; MPF statement or company reference letter

Residential proof
Any public utilities bill(s) or bank statement(s)

Tenor from 3 to 48 monthly installments

Loan amount
Maximum loan up to 15x monthly income OR up to 1 million (HK$1,000,000)

Interest rate
As low as 0.8% monthly flat rate (APR from 9.6% to 59.5%)

Processing time
With required document submitted,approval time as short as 15 minutes,and cash delivered within 30 minutes

Repayment method
Repayment can choose via auto-pay; PPS or bank deposit

Application channel
We accept submission in-person,by phone or through online application

* If and when any early settlement arrived, all interest and fees being collected exceed Chapter 163 (Money Lenders Ordinance Part IV Clause 24.1), the exceed portion will be refund to the prescribed borrower.