Property Mortgage

Mortgage facilities
1st and 2nd mortgage; re-mortgage

Type of properties
Private property; premium paid public housing and HOS; VTH; factory; shop; car park and land

Mortgage amount or Join Tenant
Up to 90% of property value
Accept Joint tenant; single owner application
As low as 0.8% monthly flat rate (APR from 9.6% to 36%)

Payment choice
Accept repayment interest and principle by equal monthly installment; provide flexibility for long term and loan consolidation

OR short term repayment of only interest and settled upon maturity

Tenor from 3 to 240 monthly installments

Smart approval
No income proof is required
Credit report is not crucial in credit assessment
Accept negative record(s) application
Instant approval (application with required document before 11:00am)

Processing procedure
Application submitted via phone in/fax/web/email/SMS => property address
=> initial approval in 15 minutes => submit required documents via fax/email/branch
=> disbursement in 24 hours(application with required document before 11:00am)

Required documents
HKID card
Residential proof
Property deed (1st Mortgage)
Bank or financial institution repayment statement (2nd)
Property rent and rate demand note (if any)

* If and when any early settlement arrived, all interest and fees being collected exceed Chapter 163 (Money Lenders Ordinance Part IV Clause 24.1), the exceed portion will be refund to the prescribed borrower.