Internet (Web) Loan Application Declaration

I hereby apply for a loan from Ego Finance Ltd. (hereinafter called “Ego”) and declare that all information herein provided are true, correct and complete. I fully aware and acknowledge that “Ego” in considering to approve the said loan relyingthe truthfulness of the information and required documents I provided and I agree “Ego” to verify it from any source(s). I will voluntary get the prior consent from my reference(s), as it may request to provide, and “Ego” is authorized to contact the reference(s) if my loan application required. I further declared that I have no intention to declare bankruptcy in the coming 12 months and am not aware of any bankruptcy proceedings made against me. In addition, I have no objection to “Ego’ to making credit enquiries or getting my credit report(s) from the central credit bureau. I further agree and confirm to authorize “Ego” as below:

1. I voluntary to provide all required information and document(s) including but not limited to my HK Identity card and the document(s) in processing my loan application and agree “Ego” not to return the said document(s) to me whether it is approved or not;

2. I further acknowledge that prior consent will be obtained from the reference(s) provided and authorized “Ego” to (including but not limited to) enquire and contact the reference(s) and/or third parties in relation to verify my personal data.

3. To enquire and verify with any credit bureau(s), bank(s), financial institution(s), credit management agency(s) or any third parties to exchange the information of this application and/or any account information being housed in “Ego” regarding this loan application;

4. To authorize “Ego” to acquire credit information/report(s) in processing this loan application and to use this in (including but not limited to) future loan renewal via phone, internet (web), fax or any other tools that “Ego” may choose to use, “Ego” is further authorize to use this information to assess in extend, increase, reduce, withdraw or unchanged my creditability;

5. “Ego” is authorized to collect and keep my personal information and from time to time I am allow to update the said information;

6. “Ego” may choose to disburse the approved loan amount into the designated bank account that I provided and/or “Ego” may choose other disbursement tool(s) that “Ego” may think more appropriate to disburse;

7. I also understand that, whether the said application is approved or not, this application form and submitted documents are the property of “Ego” and “Ego” is authorized to keep for 7 years since all transaction being settled and/or any date agreed by both parties to void;

8. I hereby agree that approval of this loan application including the loan amount granted shall be at the sole discretion of “Ego” without assigning any reason or needs any explanation;

9. I agree that transaction via internet is a new and rapidly advancing technology and there may have limitations on internet transactions as it is not well established to have full protection in every aspect. I have confident and trust “Ego” will use its best endeavors to keep my personal data confidential.“Ego” shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage of any leakage of my personal data no matter it is caused or not caused by unauthorized disclosure of “Ego” ;

10. I agree “Ego” to keep the application record(s) via internet (web) or phone and such records are deemed to be legal documents which shall be binding on me.

11. I read and accept the content of this declaration and will submit all document(s) as requested;

12. I fully aware that I shall choose to use “autopay” as repayment tool and I understand that there may have some charges charged by the bank if I make payment via the retail banks’ front its counter, thus I agree to reimburse the service charges to “Ego”. I know I am optionally to choose other means to make repayment to avoid this unnecessary charge. I understand that this charges should have no relationship to the loan charges and “Ego” has no benefit on this;

13. Web security advice: It was advised to pay special attention when user uploads his/her personal information when assessing web application. Please identify the official web site of Ego Finance is correct ( OR OR Should you have any doubt on the identity of the web, please stop uploading any further information and close the web page at soonest and contact our customer hotline at 2388 2388. Beware to keep your personal information by not using public devices to avoid leakage of your personal information at all times.

14. I further understand and accept the content and/or the conditions laid in the Disclaimer; Personal Data Collection Notice; Money Lender Ordinance Chapter 163 and this Internet (Web) Loan Application Declaration. Moreover, I agree all the declarations as stated in the loan application form and agree to comply with all terms and conditions laid in the said.