Target valuable customer

Those bankruptcy order wasdischarged, or  IVA and DRP discharged individual get start to rebuild their credibility



Submit a simple application form and other proof documents; HKID; Income and residential proof; declaration of indebtedness details


Income proof

Any tax return; auto-pay statement; MPF statement or company reference letter


Residential proof

Any of public utilities bill(s) or bank statement(s)


Supplement proof

Certificate of bankruptcy release (if any); IVA or DRP repayment proof or statement



Maximum 48 monthly equal installments


Loan amount

Maximum loan up to 10x monthly income OR up to HK$500,000


Interest rate

Monthly Interest rate as low as 1.5%


Processing time

With required document submitted; approval time as short as 15 minutes and cash delivered within 30 minutes


Repayment method

Repayment can be via auto-pay; PPS or bank deposit


Application channel

We accept submission in person; phone-in or through online application